Adult White Bottom w/ Gold Hook and Hardware Royal Heirloom Series
White Premium Wooden Bottom Hangers (Silver or Gold Hardware)

White Premium Wooden Bottom Hangers (Silver or Gold Hardware)

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Crafted with quality and functionality in mind, these are our Top Grade bottom hangers for adults in white.

    • Made of solid select hardwood.
    • Finished stark white with multiple coats of lacquer to insure a perfectly smooth, near flawless, surface that will last a lifetime.
    • Features polished gold OR chrome swivel hook and hardware.
    • Equipped with a sturdy yet slim bottom metal bar and anti-stain, anti-slip, adjustable sliding cushion clips
    • Designed to securely hang your clothing and keep them hanging in style without damaging items' material.
    • Hanger Size: 14" x 0.5" x 5.625" inches (LWH) 
      • Height measured from top of hook to bottom of metal bar.
      • Height of wood section is 1" inch


Our bottom hangers are perfect for any residential home and/or retail store.
The white bottom hangers are also specifically found in high-end boutiques and used by custom hanger designers due to their premium quality.